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Dualtron Raptor Electric Scooter Scootera

Dualtron Raptor

  • £1,500.00

Dualtron Raptor UK MAX 3200W BLDC DUAL HUB MOTOR is a lightweight 24 kg 3200W power output Electric Scooter from Minimotors. Its Samsung SDI Battery has a range of 50 Miles and top speed of 40 Mph ( 65 Km/h ). 60% Hill Climb ability and 1 kW Electric Capacity. Solid Rubber tires don't get punctures
Dualtron Raptor is easy to fold, carry, and take it anywhere you want e-scooter. You can conveniently store it behind the closet, in your cabin, bus, or classroom.
The Minimotors Dualtron Raptor features a powerful 60V/18.2AH battery to cover far more distance. The battery will last up to 60 km in a single charge.
Dualtron Raptor e-scooter is equipped with a dual front and taillight to enhance your safety while riding. The taillight is a brake light to warn and inform the vehicles coming from the rare.
This electric scooter comes with a high-performance 1600W dual motor to move you at a speed of 60km/h.
The dual front & rear rubber suspension ensures great balance and comfort on difficult road conditions.


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