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Dualtron Spider Electric Scooter Scootera

Dualtron Spider

  • £2,250.00

Dualtron Spider 3000W by Minimotors has the second highest output of power of all Dualtron Series. Its Samsung SDI Battery has a range of 50 Miles and top speed of 40 Km/h. It weighs 40 lb. (18 kg) and it is made of ultralight aerospace 7075 aluminium alloy, magnesium and ultralight carbon fiber
7075 aluminium alloy is an aluminium alloy, with zinc as the primary alloying element. It is strong, with a strength comparable to many steels, and has good fatigue strength and average machinability. Its relatively high cost limits its use.

Due to their high strength-to-density ratio 7000 series alloys such as 7075 are often used in transport applications, including marine, automotive and aviation.

7075 is used in the manufacturing of M16 rifles for the American military. In particular high quality M16 rifle lower and upper receivers as well as extension tubes are typically made from 7075-T6 alloy.

What will be next applied.... on the Dualtron Spider
Parts for the scooter are already manufactured, and it is only awaiting Assembly and Delivery

Dualtron Spider Specs ScooteraUK Dual Motor Scooter DeckDualtron Spider Specs ScooteraUK Dual Motor Scooter Deck

A post from the Minimotors Korea Fan Page in the most specific way that they announce a new exciting product :
I am thinner and lighter than anyone. ~~~ I am "Dualtron Spider".
This is the leading technology that satisfies the needs of the customers ahead of others. This is the 19 years of know-how and technology of the development and manufacturing company, Minimotors, which is the biggest difference from the simple importers.
"I want to go strong, fast, and far, but I hate electric scooters which are too big and heavy. I had to choose a single motor product because I had too many staircases to store dual products and it was too heavy."

The dual electric scooter is the world's first product developed by Minimotors and is now the world's first lightweight 10-inch dual electric scooter under 20KG in weight.

Do not worry now. Minimotors is opening another new world.

Feather-like, but full of power and fast speed, women can also afford a minimum weight, now "Dualtron Spider" to solve everything. Minmotors is constantly trying to develop the technology, always making the first title as the leader of the world market, developing products that customers want.

Dualtron Spider has already been developed and launched first in Singapore and will be launched in Korea after get KC certification. Please look forward to it. Thank you.

Handlebar: Ultralight carbon fibre


Dual lightweight magnesium motors (3000w BLDC) 

Battery:  60v 10.5 ah (18.2kg) & 17.5ah (19.8kg)  LG lithium

Suspensions up to 15 levels of rubber adjustments

Load: 120KG

Speed : 25kmh for local LTA compliance

Gradient: 25 degrees

Range: 80km (75kg load at 25kmh)

Tire: 10" Tubeless on road tires

ABS Anti-lock Braking Systems.

Optional fingerprint lock +$189


3 Mth against manufacturing defects by local distributor.

Expected arrival sept/October 2018

Optional original Dualtron Range Extender 60v 12ah $899


Dualtron Spider by Minimotors at Scootera.ukDualtron Spider 3600W BLDC DUAL HUB Magnesium Motors Ultralight Aerospace 7075 Aluminium Alloy Carbon Fibre
Dualtron Spider Specs ScooteraUK
Dualtron Spider Specs ScooteraUK Dual Motor Scooter Electric
Range Extenders are available with the Spider. Preferably kept at home or in your car, you are able to plug one of those and double your range for those longer trips.

Download the Dualtron Spider User Manual

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