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Dualtron Ultra

  • £2,900.00

There is a new version Upgraded of the Original Dualtron Ultra - It's called Dualtron Ultra V2, and they have added ABS Braking, Fingerprint Support, New EYE 3rd Gen Throttle Design, and many more features that put it in the same line with Dualtron Thunder and Dualtron 3 that have recently launched Mid-2018 in June-July.
Dualtron Ultra UK 5400W by Minimotors has the highest output of power on an electric scooter. Reaches speeds of 80 KM/H and destroys any hill in its path. Its 100% Korea Samsung SDI Battery has a range of 75 Miles that can be doubled to 150 Miles by adding an auxiliary battery. ABS + Hydraulic Brake
The Legend of Electric Technology Powered by Minimotors in Korea Dualtron ULTRA

The Ultimate Off Road Power Machine with Ultra High Performance
The end of an argument about off road ability, speed, power, gradeability, safety
Premium luxury brand Dualtron Ultra rewrites the history of the off road electric scooter

Special heat sink structure that prevents overheating due to high power is applied as a default option!

It is equipped with a special heat sink which protects the damage of the controller from high heat generated from the dual controller at high output to the outside.

Powerful power from the two motors! Dualtron Ultra offers overwhelming acceleration, climbing and off road ability that you have never felt before.
High performance Samsung SDI battery 100% manufactured in Korea Samsung SDI battery included.
It is equipped with the largest capacity and high performance lithium ion battery in Korea, and it is possible to carry out high power and long distance riding over rough terrain.

Powerful Dualtron Ultra!Perfectly protect for high speed!

Dualtron Ultra which is born with tremendous power is an off road electric scooter for extreme conditions. Be sure to wear the full face helmet and protective gear perfectly and use it safely in a safe place. Before riding, be sure to wear full face helmet which cover whole the face and protective gloves, and protective gears which protect the knee, elbow, back bone, shoulder, ETC.

Must be robust under all conditions

One of the most important parts of Dualtron Ultra, the front, rear swing arm is made of special forged aluminum for aircraft to ensure durability and safe running in off road environments. The swing arms, suspension and frame have been designed and tested to withstand extreme external force.

Robust and more robust, 8.5mm handle post

The 3.5mm tube is added to the existing 5mm handle post to enhance the durability of the handle pole when jumping and during hard braking

The superior driving comfort of the Dualtron Ultra Dual high density PU suspension on the front and rear wheels is default option.

A dual high density, high impact PU suspension that achieved both large shock and small vibration is attached to the front and rear wheels to provide excellent shock absorption and the best riding comfort over rough terrain.

 Powerful braking ability of Dualtron Ultra

Dual electronic brakes with dual disc brakes provide the best braking performance with regenerative charging. The electronic brake prevents premmature "locking" of the mechanical brake on sandy and slippery surfaces.

* When the machine is shipped from the factory, the electronic brake function is released

LCD display instrument panel

The LCD display on the Dualtron Ultra is a multi function instrument panel that allows you to adjust the various functions such as speed mode, start mode, cruise mode, electronic brake, as well as acceleration function. (Self-developed)




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